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It can be hard to save money on your weekly bills if you are living from paycheck to paycheck. You may not have thought of these, but there are many other creative ways to save money. Here are 10 different ways to cut your monthly costs:

  1. Sell the things you don’t use

Do you keep clothes in your closet that you never wear? Or a closet full of tools you never use? To get rid of junk and make extra money, you might want to sell things you don’t use. You can sell things you don’t need at a yard sale, online, or to a resale shop.

  1. Get a second job

If you have some spare time, you could start a side business to make extra cash. Starting a side business is easy. You can do freelance work, drive for a ride-sharing company, or start a drop-shipping business.

  1. Talk about your bills

People who have been with a business for a long time are often ready to lower their bills. You can talk about your costs for things like cell phone, internet, and television.

  1. Get credit cards with cash back

Credit cards that give you cash back can help you save money on everyday spending. With a return credit card, you get some of your money back in the form of cash. After that, you can exchange the cash back for credit on your bill, gift cards, or trip benefits.

save money
  1. Get paid to fill out polls

Plenty of websites will pay you to fill out polls. You can make extra money in your spare time by taking surveys.

  1. Get websites and apps to work

Folks are often asked to check out websites and apps before they go live. UserTesting and are two sites where you can get paid to test websites and apps.

  1. Work as a secret buyer

People are paid to go to shops and places and write reviews about their experiences. Sign up with a mystery shopping company like BestMark or Market Force Information to become a secret shopper.

  1. Give plasma

Giving plasma is a good way to make extra cash and help people at the same time. A plasma donor center, such as CSL Plasma or Octapharma Plasma, is where you can give plasma.

  1. Make money by renting out your extra room

If your house has an extra room, you could rent it out to make extra cash. On Airbnb or, you can rent out your extra room to tourists or students.

  1. Make a garden for everyone

Start a neighborhood garden if you’re good at taking care of plants. The food from your community garden can be sold at a farmers market or to restaurants in your area.

These one-of-a-kind tips will help you save money on your monthly bills and reach your financial goals more quickly.

More ways to save money on your monthly bills are given below:

Look around for insurance – Rates for insurance can be very different from one company to the next. To get the best deal on insurance, you should look around.

Cut down on the energy you use – Cutting down on how much energy you use can help you save money on your bills. To use less energy, you can do things like turn off lights when you leave a room, unplug tools when you’re not using them, and make your home more energy efficient.

Use free things to your benefit – In most places, there are lots of free things to do. You can go to places like the library, park, and museum for free. In many places, you can also find free events like music and fairs.

Make more food at home – Dining out can cost a lot, especially if you do it often. It’s easier and better for you to cook at home.

Select non-name brands over name brands – Most of the time, generic brands work just as well as name brands and cost a lot less.

Use discount codes and coupons – There are lots of websites and apps that let you get deals and discount codes for different goods and services.

Take advantage of deals and sales – A lot of shops have sales and deals all year long. Deals and sales are available on everything, from food and clothes to gadgets.

It takes work and time to save money on your regular bills, but it is possible. You can reach your financial goals by using more of your pay after reading these tips.

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